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WrapperListener controlEvent not recording events

Tom Wilkins

I have a Java application that uses Method 3.

The service works perfectly fine in that it can be installed as a service without any problems.

My application requires to perform actions on specific Windows events such as a user logging of, however when the service is running and I log out of the application the event is not received by the service.

I know that application works and that it receives some events because when I run it in the command line and ctrl-c it, it gets the event 200. 

Why is the application not receiving the Windows events?

(I log the activity of the events so can see what it picks up).

public void controlEvent( int event ){
        logger.info("Event: " + event);
            if(event == WrapperManager.WRAPPER_CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT)
                logger.info("User is logging off.");
            else if(event == WrapperManager.WRAPPER_CTRL_SHUTDOWN_EVENT)
                logger.info("Windows system is shutting down.");
            else if(event == WrapperManager.SERVICE_CONTROL_CODE_SHUTDOWN)
                logger.info("System is shutting down.");


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