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Tanuki Wrapper Configuration (wrapper.conf) Java Model

Svilen Genchev
Hi All,

We are already using Tanuki Wrapper and now we would like to change its configuration via Java API rather than asking our clients to manually modify it.

At first, we thought that java.util.Properties is a good fit for a simplistic model. Reading the documentation revealed that this is not so.

so now we are stuck with parsing the config file and creating some java model that serves our needs.
however there are intrinsic dependencies between configuration properties which are quite hard to model, especially since there can be many relations... What I am talking about, for example http://wrapper.tanukisoftware.com/doc/english/prop-java-initmemory.html#initmemory
While this is a property on its own, one can override it using "wrapper.java.additional.<n>" as the documentation states:

"If this property is set to "0" (zero), then it is also possible to specify the -Xms parameter manually using the wrapper.java.additional.<n> property. "

So the point is that a Java model which would enforce all similar invariants would
be a great fit to what we are trying to achieve.

Is there already something like that or we need to implement all of this?
I already had a look at the javadoc and didn't find anything helpful.

Thank you!


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