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Leif Mortenson-2
    If the wrapper.exe is still running, then it remaining locked is

    I have not seen or heard of any other users having problems with the
wrapper process
sticking around after stopping it on Windows.  Is the java process still
running as well?
How are you stopping the wrapper service?   I would like to see the
output of your
application's wrapper.log file, with wrapper.debug=true set, from a run


Rodriguez, Steve wrote:

> I am having an issue on a Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2003 server
> with the wrapper.exe hanging around in memory after I have stopped and
> removed my service.   I then try to delete the directory with all the
> java classes, configuration information, and wrapper.exe.    I get an
> error ( Access denied, file is in use ) message from windows for the
> wrapper.exe file.
> I do NOT have this issue on Windows 2000..
> Any help/advise would be appreciated..
> Thanks...
> Steve
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