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AMD64 (A64, AMD 64) Linux HowTo

Surj Singh-2
Hello all,

After a day and a half of struggle with the above issue, here's how I got to work:

  • Download the source code from sourceforge (I used 3.1.2).
  • In the file src/c/Makefile.linux, the first line will look like this:
    • "COMPILE = gcc -O3 -Wall --pedantic -pthread -DUSE_NANOSLEEP"
    • Add " -lm -fPIC -m64" to the end of the line. It should now look like this:
      • "COMPILE = gcc -O3 -Wall --pedantic -pthread -DUSE_NANOSLEEP -lm -fPIC -m64"
  • In build.xml, replace both occurrences of:
    • target="1.2"
  • with:
    • target="1.4" source="1.4"
  • Make sure you have a 64-bit JVM as your JAVA_HOME
  • Then run "./"
Job done.



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